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It's That Simple.

The future of telecom is here and it’s powered by people. mintHNT is a new model for delivering wireless communications that rewards individuals and businesses in exchange for connecting their communities.

Our Vision

Imagine a future where any device can connect to a ubiquitous wireless network to deliver smart solutions for homes, businesses and communities.

Imagine vineyards equipped with hundreds of soil, light, and humidity sensors that detect microclimates and optimize irrigation schedules to maximize crop yield and eliminate water waste.

Imagine weather sensors able to determine when bridges are unsafe due to approaching hurricanes, and autonomously controlling digital signage to divert oncoming traffic.

Building smart communities require ubiquitous connectivity. By decentralizing the deployment of wireless infrastructure, the People’s Network is transforming this vision into reality.

Our Services

We believe that decentralized networks will democratize access to solutions that create smarter, more resilient communities.  Everyone should have an opportunity to participate in the Helium Network revolution. We offer several ways to mintHNT:

Host a Hotspot

Get free handware, installation support and monthly payments in $USD or $HNT.

Create Coverage

Out mintPRO program empowers a new wireless workforce to build and operate profitable Helium network.

Deliver Solutions

We provide devices, applications and integration services for smart homes, businesses, and

Maximize Your Earnings With mintHNT

Get all the hardware and accessories you need to deploy and optimize Helium networks. We deliver proven products that help you increase your profitability and create sustainable revenue streams.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

mintHNT is a game changer for enterprise technology providers looking to deliver networked solutions for their clients

David Michaels, CEO Hotel Tech Solutions

Hosting with mintHNT is a perfect fit for real estate professionals looking to deliver smart solutions that unlock efficiencies and boost revenue from their portfolios.

Jeff Stephenson, Sr. Associate, Brown Real Estate Group

Partnering with mintHNT allowed me to scale up my business and expand coverage to new areas.

Eric Vandermause, Sr. Global Network Architect Johnsonville Sausage Company

If you are looking for some extra spending money, mintHNT is the way to go. We got setup with equipment and support in no time at all. Now we have a little extra each month that we normally wouldn’t have thanks to mintHNT!

James Cantrell, mintHNT Host